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Aquil Virani / Portrait Of An Artist.

COPYCAT, coming your way on February 15th! Featuring some of my collaborative artwork and some new pieces you definitely haven’t seen before. Check out the Facebook Page (and details) by clicking here.


Sorry for e-yelling (using capital letters when writing to make it seem like you’re yelling in order to grab someone’s attention), but I know that you’ll want to hear this.

This website is currently serving simply as a contact point right now.
My most recent artwork and updates are available on my Facebook Page (here).

If you met me on the 13th at TEDxMcGill, you get bonus points.
(Note that these bonus points aren’t actually worth anything.)


"Imagine All You Can Be"

"Imagine All You Can Be." Acrylic on Canvas. 30 x 40 inches. 2011.

MUS Logo Re-Design

At the beginning of the summer, the MUS (Management Undergraduate Society of McGill University) approached me to do some re-branding work for them. Because the name “McGill” could no longer be used, we created from scratch or slightly modified their existing logos to build a new set of brand identities.

Web Banner

A web banner design for At work, it’s sometimes quicker for me to create a design than us sending a brief to a design agency. And I get to work with beautiful models, pretty graphics, and lovely product shots.


A commissioned business card design for Teddy Smith. We made two different cards, one that was English/Korean and one that was English/Japanese. We came up with two differing approaches based on the corresponding cultural preferences and sensitivities.


I created a custom PowerPoint Background for my end-of-internship presentation at L’Oréal Canada. It’s pretty. Hopefully it impresses.


PowerPoint Cover Design for a Hairstylist Competition put on my Matrix Canada: Destination Fame.

MUS Corporate Relations (Business Card)

Recto/Verso of Business Card for MUS Corporate Relations.
I’m particularly proud of the image on the back. Not only is it achieved with a point and shoot, but it fits the brand pallette (red and gray) perfectly. It’s also a creative way to incorporate that McGill logo without breaking any rules. :)

Take that, McGill.